Joshua Leonard Pomer (Pomegranate) is an American documentary filmmaker with a focus on the Californian surf movement. Surfer Magazine places Pomegranate’s first international release “The Kill” as one of the most influential surf films of the nineteen nineties.

Josh Pomer

The Westsiders marks a departure from surf videos to a traditional documentary storyline. In a career of almost twenty years, Pomer's videos have always featured his friends that he grew up with. Pomer’s early videos had a jackass cinema verte style that was centered on catching real emotions and actions and conveying them to a hard-core surfing audience. In 2007 Josh Pomer won The Billabong XXL Award.

Pomegranate was born in Boston Massachusetts, the son of Harvard graduate student, Marshall Pomer and a writer Susan Ruby on April 8, 1973. Marshall Pomer moved the family to the Westside of Santa Cruz in 1977 and began teaching at University of California, Santa Cruz. Throughout his early teens, Pomer made amateur 8 MM adventure movies, the first which he shot in the redwoods of Santa Cruz.

Josh Pomer

Then in High School Pomer spent countless hours in taking and deleoping and printing black and white photography. Then with advent of the video camera he started shooting his surfing friends who he noticed had amazing surfing skills at an early age. In 1992 Pomegranate pieced together a surf video staring his friends living the surfing lifestyle. Thunderballs sold enough copies for Pomegranate to buy a HI8 video camera and produce his first international release The Kill in 1993.

Pomer's first feature film documentary, The Westsiders has been premiering in 2012 at the Newport Beach film festival. Pomer was recently interviewed by The New York Times (watch now) and San Francisco Chronicle about Daryl Flea Virostko, one of the main characters of the Westsiders movie.

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